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The Cottage Industry was set up in 2003 by Damian O’Sullivan after 10 years spent working for different clients in the field of design. Lisa Smith joined The Cottage Industry in after 8 years spent working for internationally renowned design companies. Why the name? The origins of the cottage industry date back to the days before the industrial revolution. In those days, artefacts were made in people’s homes in limited supply, and it is precisley this which we have in common with our namesake, namely, industrially made goods made in limited supply. What do we produce? Today we are surrounded by design but not much of it carries any substance, so we set about the creation of a company that would offer something different, something a little more special. The desire, to produce simple products that differentiate themselves through their restraint and simplicity. Damian O'Sullivan graduated from the RCA (London) in 1993, upon which he was offered an assignment for Hermès. This was followed by an invitation to join the Advanced Design Team of Philips Design where he spent the next four years. In 1998 he set up his own office, Damian O'Sullivan Design, in order to pursue his love for creativity with greater freedom. The office has as its mission to provide fresh and original work that reaches beyond the pale and the predictable. Clients: Hermès, Philips, Comme des Garçons, Paul Smith, Camper shoes, Global Design, Thames Water, Design Academy Eindhoven Lisa Smith graduated from Art Center College of design (Switzerland) in 1995. She was promptly invited to work for Philips design, where she spent four years designing domestic appliances and personal care products. In 1999 she freelanced for clients such as Camper shoes, Lucent digital technologies and worked on various packaging solutions for Aventis, Rotring and Philips. Lisa joined WAAC’s design consultancy in Rotterdam in 2000, where she designed products and packagings for companies such as Alessi, Microsoft, Nea, Friesche Vlag and Victor&Rolf.

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